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Welcome to the Irish Ham Radio Website!

I'm Dave & I am a licenced radio amateur operator in Ireland since August 2020.
My callsign is EI5IMB, but I regularly operate in Northern Ireland as MI5IMB.
I am a member of Donegal Amateur Radio Club EI1DRC.

I enjoy operating Base, Mobile & Portable using SSB on HF bands & FM on 2m. I monitor ARISS, and enjoy SSTV downloading from the International Space Station.
Presently I am focusing on mobile operations for my "Worked All Ireland" (WAI) award and Portable operations for my "Summits on the Air" (SOTA) award. When mobile and in the shack, I always monitor 145.500MHz FM (S20), so please call out if you think are near my QTH or see me mobile!
I also am the keeper for the EI2TKR Repeater, located on Truskmore Mountain, and monitor it when in the shack or when mobile/portable in range.

This website has 3 purposes:
  1. Sharing my Amateur Radio journey through promotion of my YouTube Channel, on which I have been V-Logging since before I was licenced.
  2. Sharing any useful Amateur Radio resources I have either created or stumbled across in my experiences.
  3. Keeping you up-to-date on my progress with Amateur Radio Award Initiatives.

For more detail on my actual amateur station, equipment, logs and QSL processes, please visit me on my Page.
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