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EI2TKR - Repairs & Improvements Complete

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Hi All,

Here is an update on the works/repairs/improvements completed on EI2TKR recently...

(1 - Item) Receive sensitivity lower than usual.
(1 - Action) Device directly above repeater location is electro-mechanical and when it operates, it had an affect on the repeaters receive as both it and the repeater cabinet are connected to the same earthing point. Also, the outer part of the connector going to the antenna was touching the steel of the cabinet right beside this device. Insulating the connector from the cabinet and other steelwork has rectified the problem.

(2 - Item) SWR up to 1:6/1:7 on repeater.
(2 - Action) Test of antenna showed not the issue. Test of TX side of cavities showed slightly off. Small adjustment in TX cavities brought it back to 1:1.

(3 - Item) Mobile fluttering and weak stations getting "bip" clipped by repeater as they go in and out of ceverage.
(3 - Action) Experimented and tested with a number of different tail pip, gating and hang time settings. The final combination of settings that worked best was:
- RX Gating = Off Completely
- Tail Pip = Off Completely
- Hangtime  = 1800ms

These changes should be an overall improvement in operation and readability of mobile and weaker stations particularly.
Please remember the repeater has a timeout of 4-minutes and ideally let it fully key down between each over to let it reset this timer.

Thanks as always for your support, and any updates shall be posted on this blog and shared on relevant Facebook Groups including "Donegal Amateur Radio Club".

De Dave, EI5IMB - (EI2TKR Keeper).

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