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EI2TKR - AllStar & EchoLink Node Active!

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Hi All,

Over the last few months we have been experimenting with internet linking EI2TKR via AllStar & EchoLink & in our last post all that was left to do was to rebuild the node into a rack mountable chassis and move it to its final location on a 4G router internet connection.

Well... We have completed these final items and now we have our fully functional dual mode node up and running!
Updated Node Details:
- AllStar Node Number: 55438
- EchoLink Node Number: 212154 "EI2TKR-R"
- Raspberry Pi Running HamVoIP.
- Wired Ethernet to Mikrotik hAP ax lite LTE6 Router.
- Pi & Router Powered by dedicated 12v-5v BUC converters.
- CM108 USB Sound Card in the Pi (modified for PTT and radio interconnect).
- TAIT TM8110 linked and configured for EI2TKR Frequencies.
- Remote relay switch fitted on power to radio (in case emergency remote shutoff required).
- 12v cooling fan instlled with temperature control switch.
- All built into case that is 19-inch rack mountable.

As keeper I would like to extend a massive thanks to:
- Jason EI9LB for his assistance with the HamVoIP finer details and programming.
- John EI5INB for his advice, assistance and hardware reccommendations for the 4G router setup.
- Daniel EI4HNB for provision of the lovely clear perspex lid, so the nice blinky lights are visible!

We are confident this addition will be an overall improvement in operation, user count and accessibility for remotely located users.
Please note that the purpose of the connection is for individual users.
Interconnections to other networks are not permitted unless approved by DARC.

Thanks as always for your support, and any updates shall be posted on this blog and shared on relevant Facebook Groups.

Dave (EI5IMB)
EI2TKR Keeper.
Donegal Amateur Radio Club.

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2024-03-20 04:07:55
Congratulations all team ! EI9IDB

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